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NexAlumni eBook Wizard is desktop publishing tool for creating absolutely stunning, customizable from beginning to end, personal, interactive, filp eBooks.  Surprises will not end after you complete eBook, keep scrolling to discover.

Here’s Why You’ll Have Fun & Love Creating it!

Amazingly simple eBook Yearbook creation

 It gives you creative freedom and seamless integration of easy step-by-step navigation to choose and personalize. The steps keep falling one after the other so you do not miss any detail. 

Your Personalized Dashboard

Personalized eBook Dashboard

See all that is happening on your eBook space activities in your personalized dashboard. Track your eBook. progress, catch all the buzz in the notifications, get alerts, invitations to your other eBooks and alumni spaces and their activities are all at one place


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Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

Flexible eBook Creation

Manage your eBook with skip option to profile and other pages.

Automic Page Layout eBook
Automated Page Layout

You don’t have to think about the design jargons - color palette selection, typography, placement of images borders and more. 

    Fast Profile in eBook Yearbook
Powerful Profile Feature

Online profile group collaboration and customization feature for profile update of each eBook member is fast with the powerful tools. They can fill in all their details and you don’t have to worry.

Make eBook Yearbooks Online

Interactive eBook Yearbook
Interactive Elements

It’s not just another eYearbook or eMemory book that you create and forget for ages. The interactive sticker poke, invite friends, social share will keep you engaged & vivify. You,ll keep coming back to see your stories flipping. 

Preview as you create eBook
Easy Preview as You Create

See every page come alive preview your pages as you go. Save edit, preview as many times as you like until you are fully satisfied. Your eBook Members can also change customize.

eBooks For All Types of Groups   

   Catch Your Moments Before They Fly

Preschool yearbook eBook        School eBook yearbook      College eBook Year Book           University eBok            everything else

Preschool           School         College          University         Everything Else


eBook Yearbook for Schools Preschools High Schools Colleges


Just Go For Solo eBooks

 Sometimes a milestone, a fun trip, a party or brand catalog needs no profile or group.
This is the perfect option to go for solo eBook. 

Public or Private Viewing Setting

Showcase your Flip eBook on your own website


Surprises will not end after you complete eBook…

We toldya there is Beyond eBook

Express your thoughts in Your Stories
Comment and poke your eBook with Stickers
Share your video links from You Tube
Vibrant NexAlumni Community & You’ll be Alumni Member Automatically
Get all the updates in emails, don’t miss reunion invite, photos or videos from your preschool, school, college or university.

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