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NexAlumni makes it easy for anyone to build Alumni Space and flip interactive eBooks, but a little extra guidance never hurt.

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Our support team is here to help you with a technical snag or any query; you can reach out to us anytime at here or write to us

Getting Started-  Alumni Spaces

We help you create amazing professional looking Alumni Association Network, which can be updated and edited with the greatest ease.

  • No technical or coding skills are required
  • No design skills are required for the eBook
  • The option of free trial for 7 days to experience the powerful tools and get familiar with the effortless maintaining of the subsite.
  • You can also experience the eBook wizard to create eBook during the free trial period. Learn more about available subscription plans.

Alumni Spaces is for

Empower your Alumni Association with NexAlumni’s Alumni Spaces- fast forward your online engagement and reconnection with every alum. It is also ideal for any brands to explore the eplosive power of their alumni in preschools, schools, colleges, universities, activity center, summer camps etc. Learn More

Alumni Space eBook

Alumni Space admin gets 5 eBooks to create along with the subscription. You can create group eBook with customized profiles of all your batch mates, classmates or buddies. No rework with the design team to get every piece or text edited. Everybody is in control for their own page that adds extra fun and smooth yearbook or memory or reunion, meet up or field trip eBook creation. Professionally designed color, fonts automatically fits in to result n stunningly beautiful. To create eBook Learn More

Order Print Book

After you have completed editing the eBook, you can contact us to order a print of your eBook.

Getting Started –eBooks

Reinvent your memories with Stunning eBooks. The eBook creation wizard is fully automated with professionally designed pages that fit seamlessly to the spreads. Your special moments come alive in minutes with flipping effect in virtual albums. You can go for solo eBooks or group eBooks. Don’t let any special moment get missed from your life just preserve it innovatively. Learn More

  • No design skills are required
  • Save time and energy
  • Collaboration for group eBook is simple & online
  • Interactive features to engage after the eBook is published
  • All social sharing or customized sharing or website embed options available
  • The option of free trial for 7 days to experience the automated eBook wizard and free trial eBook also remains with you as a gift.
  • No credit card, no obligation. Learn more about available subscription plans.

Public vs Private Viewing Option of the eBook

Public viewing

Choosing public access option to display your eBook allows it to be open eBook that can be viewed by anybody on the web space. It is ideal to showcase your creativity, brand of preschools, schools, colleges, activity centers, summer camps, group adventure fun n' trip or individuals who want to share their memories to the world. Get the sticker pokes from everybody and let your eBook be displayed in the popular list on NexAlumni. 

Private viewing

Choosing Private access means you want to keep your eBook to yourself and nobody will be able to view it. Although, you can always invite only your best buddies and relatives to share your moments captured in eBook. Ideal for closed group eBook and individuals to preserve their memories for a lifetime, it is simply personal!

Invite friends while opting for private viewing option

The private viewing option also allows you to invite your friends to share your eBook. Go to Invite a Friend on eBook display page to share it with your friends. The private viewing allows you to be in total control who you would like to see your memories.

Embed eBook on your website

The embed feature enables to display eBook on your official website or anywhere online. You can take embed code of your eBook from your eBook display page.


These are general guidelines and we provide it only to be helpful.
As website designs and layout differ, we cannot provide exact embed code for you.
Adjustment to any iframe embed code to achieve your desired effect are your responsibility.

eBook Member

How to get started with eBook invitation?
Go to My Account, it is your personal Dashboard that has personalized messages, updates and alerts to guide you all the way. You will get a link to all your eBook invitation there, get started by filling your profile. Have fun dipping in your memory lane.

Will I be able to edit my profile once filled?
Oh yes, you can edit your profile answers and photos during the entire subscription period.

How much time will it take to fill my profile?
You can fill your profile in just 2 minutes. Just need your profile photo and a couple of more photos as per your questions.

Will I be able to see my friend’s pages?
You’ll be able to glance through eBook and all the pages. You can even poke stickers to your friends/classmates.

What will I do after the eBook is published?
A whole lot of fun awaits you poke your friends profile with stickers, blog about your memories and moments with friends. Enjoy your sticker pokes too, comment on your friend’s blog. Share with your other friends on social media.

How can I contribute a story on my eBook?
Go to create my blog to contribute your stories to eBook.


The visitor can join their Alma Mater on the NexAlumni to be connected, get latest updates about all reunion, meet ups, events, and program. If you missed anyone then you can catch up with photo gallery or video shared. View all the eBooks of your Alma Mater and poke them with stickers.
You can be a part of vibrant NexAlumni Community by sharing your stories in your Alma Mater blog, go now create your blog.

Free Trial

How does 7 day free trial work?
NexAlumni offers free trial for both our products- Alumni Space and eBook. We won’t even ask you for credit card number. Test all the features and if you like our service upgrade at any time to get unlimited access.

Can I set up my Alumni Space during free trial?
Yes, you can set up Alumni Space during free trial and experience how simple it to run your Alumni Association or Network. You can also publish to see the actual website pages and functionality for the mass email, broadcast events and updates as well as eBook creation.

Can I create only eBook in the free trial?
Register for creating eBook when signing up for NexAlumni and you will get a free trial to create one eBook with a limited number of profile pages and photo gallery pages. No worries, but you can test all the features in the free trial.

What happens after the end of my free trial?
When your free trial ends, your account will go into Read Only Mode. You will not be able to edit or modify any information on the Alumni Spaces or eBook. To modify or edit you’ll need to upgrade by buying a subscription plan.

Subscription Plans

Who should buy subscription plan for Alumni Space?
Alumni spaces are customizable exclusive branded subsite on NexAlumni loaded with features to connect & engage with every alumni member with just click of a button. It is ideal for Alumni Network or Association for the different level of education categories such as Preschool, School, College, University or any other category like, activity center, summer camps, fun n trips and anybody who would like to empower with the explosive power of alumni.

What will I get if I go for Alumni Space?
The Alumni Space includes- one subsite to manage Alumni Network or Association for a different level of education categories such as Preschool, School, College, University or any other category like activity center, summer camps, fun n trips.

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