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Scindia Old Girls Alumni Association Echoes Online

Scindia Old Girls Alumni Association (SOGA) has officially announced the launch of their first Online Alumni Connect Chapter. To give a sense of pride and belonging that still runs deep in every proud SKVian to stay up to date with flowing time, SOGA has joined hands with technology.

It is an effort to bring back lifelong connections, strengthen ties between alumni, reconnect with the alma mater, and relive those nostalgic years.  

The intangible spirit to return to campus will not be just one way to reconnect and reminiscence, now, by joining here you can stay connected with every happening in SOGA. All the latest buzz will be right there in your inbox. If you happen to miss the meet up don’t feel disheartened, you will experience it all with photos and videos.

The events, meetups, shout outs are all covered under one umbrella. The two-way communication to share your imprints of SKV, fervor, exhilarating nostalgia can be shared with all the SKV community via Your Stories. So blog on dear SKVians! about all your glory days, naughty ways and present pursuits.

SOGA welcomes all the SKVians.

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