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NexAlumni brought the online set-up to reconnect and engage the Alumni Association in a simple solution. Now build virtual online Alumni Network website with a twist of effortless engagement to celebrate your memories in eBooks.

Five days ago or twenty-five years ago Alumni reconnections bring the most fondest memories of life. Return to your little preschool or huge campus from your school year or college brings the intangible spirit and makes your experience a unique adventure. Somehow, many of us are not connected to the spirit of our Alma Mater that we lived and breathed for years.

When asked from Alumnus of different schools they said,

“There was passion, there was fun, those carefree days of the past just swept away now if given a break to connect, I’ll reconnect with my schoolmates again.” Ronnie Dereck, SUNY Whitefield School, CT

“It is difficult to connect all of them are scattered everywhere in the digital landscape. Paucity of time, the high cost to build an association and effort to engage alumni is high”Sunita Sharma, St. Marys Convent, Delhi

NexAlumni got similar replies from our small survey taken by alumni from two countries – USA and India. This is when we started working on forward-looking plan to reconnect with Alma Mater.  

There were two very prominent pain points that came out in the survey results were:

  1. Time to build a website
  2. Cost to develop the Alumni Association website
  3. To engage or reconnect alumni need break

Every version of response came out with one voice- one meetup or one class reunion in a decade is not enough in this tech-savvy world. What if I missed that one opportunity of reunion or meet up?  

We brainstormed every aspect to come up with virtual Alumni Association reconnection that can bring the same culture, fun and feel to everyone who wants to relive in the same aura that was preschool, school, college, or university.

We unturned every piece and nailed the points so you have a preset template with well laid out structure. An out of the box engagement tool to add fun, revelry, reliving, pokes and reconnect with everybody from your alumni network. Above all effortless rendezvous through group eBook, which is online, has unique engagement features.

So what NexAlumni did differently that set us apart from all the rest:

  • No coding, no repetitive tasks, and no follow-ups are required.
  • Your website with customized branding and logo is ready in few minutes.
  • You can place banners in a slider to tell your story.
  • Real-time updates, live previews and real-time syncing
  • Brand, customize and personalize everything is affordable.
  • The cost will never bother you again
  • Communicate to entire Alumni Member’s database with just a click.
  • The website doesn’t need additional marketing effort NexAlumni takes care of all digitally possible – SEO, branding, social connect, shout outs, email communication.

Free Trial Alumni Association Website

The Reasons Why You’ll Love NexAlumn’s eBook Difference

Every special memory is preserved in the eBook. For all your special moments and memories, you can create an eBook.

The Batch Alumni Book ready in minute

Fully automated

Customizable and personalized

Professionally designed

Ready in minutes

Inclusive in Alumni Spaces

Template for every age group

Profile page for each member

Cover all the precious moments right from preschool, school, colleges, university, club activities, fun trip, summer camps and more.

Nailed the Engagement to Keep Alumni Association website Fresh & Lively

Effortless engagement the most challenging part of keeping the Alumni Association fresh, lively and vibrant is solved with NexAlumni eBook wizard.  The stunning eBooks come with an automated step-by-step wizard for simple creation. The online features beyond eBook will be compelling enough for your classmates and batchmates to come on the eBook display and alumni association website again and again. Now forget worrying about bringing your alumni back to the website.

We stand together in unflinching determination to maximize the impact of Alumni Association while simultaneously reducing the amount of time in overcoming some of the areas where the most support was required. The engagement of alumni is made very simple and easy through Join feature of the Alumni Associations on the network.  

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