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By : NexAlumni Staff
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Reliving your life memory in online flip eBook sounds like a wonderful idea! What if we say it is interactive and engaging and you could create eBook for special memories of your preschool or school life or that fun trip that still lingers on in memory lane, why not one for that campus fun and university reunion too.

You won’t even need a designer, a coder, an advisor and creating profiles of the friends or classmates no collaboration is required.

Wondering it will be a cumbersome task? Who will follow up with friends? Leave all the worry and start thinking of creating group eBook now, it is easy simple and will be ready in minutes.

NexAlumni eBook Wizard will help you create step by step through extra easy navigation. Choose and personalize each page till the finish. Curious ha! Here is our quick guide to all the features, learn more.

Like to how easy and fast is it to create an eBook? Wait no more Take Free Trial or Subscribe Now


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