Thrust Up Alumni Association With The Engaged Communication

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“University and college’s past takes on a bigger role in shaping its future.”

Do you just receive reunion news once in a decade when it is your batch has turned a decade old or after ages when you have silver jubilee celebrations in the university or college? If ‘yes’, then you had better know that world is booming with Alumni relations in this digital age. No longer can you expect a newsletter in decades and an annual fundraising phone call. Universities around the world are thinking innovatively, mobilizing their alumni and winning, hearts and minds.

Jab up Alumni Association with the engaged communication

To bring the alumni together with the sense of belonging to the same alma mater can be worked brilliantly well with online Alumni Association Space. Sending the communication consistently, updating about the small and big achievements of alma mater and association brings back the memories touches the members differently. Creating exciting and engaging ways to engage alumni can be achieved by bringing you Alumni Association online with a difference. Many alumni are waiting to seize those opportunities of involvement with the Alma Mater.

NexAlumni has a complete solution to start Alumni Space to fill this communication gap with amazingly simple all automated broadcast tool and automated messages. This tool requires no extra effort to send out messages to your alumni network. Just keep updating your alumni pages and each time you update or add content an email is triggered to the entire alumni network members. If you need some shout outs or announcement then type the message and with one click, it gets delivered to the inbox of all the alumni. This works very well to keep the engagement at the top throughout the year.

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“ At the heart of alumni engagement are the opportunities to stay connected with their alma mater and with one another.”

Keep the engagement creative and alive

The fun, entertainment and celebration of being alumnus must be part of Alumni Associations, this works as one of the most motivating factors to keep up the interest in the activities and programs. Engagement is not just the super-crucial factor but brings back the bonding and an emotional connect too. The emotional connect is what brings the alumni of all age groups together- whether it is millennial, GenY or Gen X.

To keep this excitement and nostalgia creative, what better way than to preserve all past, present and future memories in eBook. NexAlumni has brought a unique way to preserve all the memories in an interactive, flip, sharable eBook with features that go beyond eBook. Create reunion eBook, class yearbook, meetups, fun trips and all the special moments before they fly away from your reminiscence.

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The Alumni Space comes loaded with features that can bring your Alumni Association live in minutes. All you need is experience it, take a free trial to get a hang of simplicity unlimited.

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